Artimus Pyle’s Lynyrd Skynyrd Memoir

AUGUST 2021 – Because of a cease and desist letter sent by a lawyer for the Skynyrd organization*, this book is unlikely to be published. While we are confident the legal hurdles can be overcome, the legal bills would render it a Pyrrhic victory.

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Celebrity graves in England


I’m a terrible person . . . to take on vacation.

You might want to lounge on the beach, or go shopping or eating. I just want to visit celebrity graves and miscellaneous death sites.

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“Strange Days” … The only book you need to read this year

Strange Days: The Adventures of a Grumpy Rock ‘n’ Roll Journalist in Los Angeles, now available here as a physical and Kindle versions on Amazon, features behind-the-scenes recollections, juicy gossip and incisive interviews with music icons such as David Bowie, Johnny and June Carter Cash, Mike Love, Gene Simmons, Isaac Hayes, Ice-T, Roger Taylor of Queen, Phil Collins, members of Aerosmith, the Doors, Guns N’ Roses and INXS, and many more.

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