George Harrison’s houses

It all started for George Harrison at No. 12 Arnold Grove in Liverpool, in 1943. He lived here until the age of 5 with his parents and three older siblings.

George Harrison 12 Arnold Grove

The modest dwelling is on a tiny street where parking and U-turns are virtually impossible. I would advise parking on one of the nearby streets and walking. There is not a hell of a lot to see, but you do get a sense of the, er, close-knit working-class neighborhood that enveloped George in his very early years at a time when England was bravely going through its finest hour. (Do not disturb the owners or neighbors!)


And it ended here at Friar Park in Henley on Thames. (Well, actually, George died in Los Angeles. But he was very lucky not to die here in 1999 when an intruder smashed his way into the place.)

Friar Park 1

By 1969, having enjoyed some success in the music industry, George bought Friar Park, a decaying 120-room mansion in Henley on Thames. He devoted the rest of his life to the upkeep of the mansion and its wonderful gardens.

It’s still the family home for Olivia and their son Dhani. As she told me in 2007, “I often walk around here, say to Dhani, ‘Your Dad bought this place when he was 27.’ Who would do that? I wouldn’t even buy it now.”

The main house is not visible from the road. What you see below are various cottages on the estate. Parking was surprisingly easy, and you can walk up the very busy road to the end of the property.

Friar Park 2

Friar Park 3

Friar Park 4

Friar Park 5

Friar Park 6

Friar Park Dean Goodman


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