David Bowie: The Brixton Years

David Bowie Brixton

David Bowie fell to Earth 69 years ago today, January 8, in this home at 40 Stansfield Road, Brixton. He lived here until he was about six, often dreaming of an exotic life filled with laughing gnomes, tin machines, and a beautiful Somali wife.

As you can see, it had just been sold, in July 2015 to be precise. The agent informed me that it went for close to its asking price of 1.1 million pounds, or $1.6 million (!!), and there was no Bowie premium. Bowie’s father, John Jones, and his first wife, Hilda, paid about 500 pounds for it after WW2. Take a look inside here.

Max Roach Park is nearby. I’d like to say it inspired Bowie’s interest in jazz, exemplified by his new album, Blackstar, also hatched today, but the park—alas—was named after the iconic drummer in 1986.

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Dean Goodman