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Rolling Stones: Exile on Main St. – Extreme Trivia Edition

exile on Main St

I’ve officially hit rock-bottom trying to find something new to write about the Rolling Stones. While perusing the back cover of Exile on Main St. the other day, for only the millionth time, I wondered about the photo of the newspaper headline that appears to read: “Father of Five Aids … Rescuer.” Read more

Free Rolling Stones tickets in Seattle

… for the Stones’ first visit to Seattle, on Dec. 2, 1965 … As long as you were a parent accompanying your screaming teen.

Seattle Times, Dec. 1, 1965 Read more

The Rolling Stones’ “Satisfaction” turns 50

(Click hereSatisfaction turns 50 to buy the “Satisfaction” 12-inch vinyl reissue.)

Back in 1985 when I was in my last year at boarding school and filled with the usual teen anxieties, one of my greatest fears was that the upcoming 20th anniversary of the Rolling Stones’ “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction” would pass without appropriate recognition. So I wrote to my local DJ to ask, among many other things, if the station planned to commemorate the milestone. Read more

The Rolling Stones in New Zealand, 1965 + 1966

I came across these photos at the National Library of New Zealand. For more about the Rolling Stones and me, click here.

The Rolling Stones in New Zealand

Mick Jagger is grabbed by a fan at the Wellington Town Hall on Feb. 28, 1966. Bill Wyman carries on playing. Brian Jones, celebrating his 24th birthday is in the background.

According to Bill Wyman’s memoir, Stone Alone, “The concert was predictably hysterical … One girl jumped from the rear balcony to throw her arms around Mick, who kept on singing as they tried to drag her away; the girl, still clinging to him, pulled him with her for several yards.” The Stones’ overall impression of New Zealand: “a bit quiet” (nothing has changed). But at least Bill got to take three girls to bed with him after this show

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